Vol. 27 Issue 02 01-07 June 2009
Camarines Sur - A source from the underground world of Jueteng blew the whistle on the numbers game's increasing popularity in this province. The insider, who chose to be known by his alias, "Rod", said that for the past three years, Jueteng has spread unchecked under the protection of several key figures in Camarines Sur.

Rod revealed that he has contacted Lingayen Archbishop Oscar Cruz and Senator Panfilo "Ping" Lacson about his defection from the underground business. He has also surrendered several bundles of jueteng receipts and collection tallies to Archbishop Cruz as evidence. Along with his exit from the jueteng business, Rod divulged information about the daily collections from the province's four congressional districts.

According to Rod, jueteng operators operated along the political structure of the province, with management teams controlling each congressional district. He added that operators are able to maintain their grip on the province because of protection money allegedly being paid weekly to police officials, government officials, and journalists.


MANILA, June 5, 2009- Catholic bishops are calling on the people to go to the streets to denounce Charter change via constituent assembly (Con-ass).

Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo said the people should air their sentiments against the planned mode for Constitutional amendments before it's too late.


NAGA CITY, June 3 (PNA) --- A regional political party known as Ako Bicol is vying in the forthcoming party-list elections in May 2010.

Ako Bicol officials were even optimistic that Bicolano voters would support and vote for the homegrown political group.

Arthur Monares, president of Ako Bicol, said the group would primarily focus on laws that improve the livelihood, education and health of Bicolanos and non-Bicolanos alike.

Monares said that Ako Bicol was counting on the votes of the more than 2.5 million registered Bicolano voters.


NAGA CITY - - THE REMAINS of a Bulgarian national was airlifted to Manila on Sunday (May 30) after reportedly dying of cardiac arrest during a contest of the reality TV series 'Survivor" being filmed at the white-sand Gota Beach in Caramoan, Camarines Sur.

It was reported here Monday that a representative from the Bulgarian government said that it will still be sending personnel to probe the cause of death of 53-year old "Survivor" contestant Moncho Vodennicharov.


LEGAZPI CITY, June 4 (PNA) - Rescuers today recovered 19 passengers including the boat operator, who were reported missing when their motorized outrigger boat was swept away by big waves on Tuesday (June 2) off Catanduanes.

Elson Hermogino, Captain, Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) Bikol, said rescuers found the 19 passengers safe and they are now in the custody of a village official in Barangay Cabugao, Bato town in Catanduanes.


MANILA, June 2, 2009─ While underscoring the sacredness of the sacrament of matrimony, a high-ranking prelate also expressed alarm on some wedding ceremonies becoming a "special event production," thus robbing the rite of its solemnity.

Manila Archbishop Gaudencio B. Cardinal Rosales said he has been alarmed with the growing number of entrepreneurs now known as "event organizers" and "wedding planners" involved in the smallest details of weddings who sometimes turn the solemn rite into a "show" or "presentation."


The landlord-dominated Congress, led by the relatives of President Arroyo, voted Wednesday night to add five more years to the implementation of a 20-year-old agrarian-reform program that has failed to uplift the lives of peasants and farmers in the Philippines. And critics say the new proposed law is even worse than the original.

Governor LRay Villafuerte and wife, Lara are all  smiles as they pose with the major title winners in the Miss Kaogma  Pageant 2009, a major highlight of the celebration of the 430th Foundation Day of Camarines Sur.  Twenty-one year old Suzain P. Aguilar (fifth from left) of Bula won the coveted title, Miss Kaogma 2009. Other major winners (from left to right)  First runner-up - Thea Dominique V.

NAGA CITY -- HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS worth of public works projects being implemented in Bikol provinces are reportedly threatened by communist rebels, following the torching of heavy equipment by DPWH contractors in Presentacion, Cam. Sur. This developed as earlier, suspected rebels entered the DPWH district office in Gubat, Sorsogon and allegedly warned officials against non-payment of rebel taxes.

Suspected communist rebels torched four dump trucks, one bulldozer, and one backhoe in the third district town of Presentacion, Cam Sur, based on reports reaching the police provincial office (PPO) here on Monday (June 1).

The proposal that emerged from the sessions of the Naga City Executive Council on Tercentenary Celebration that the traditional and annual Peñafrancia Civic-military parades be held before traslacion and not during the week of the Fiesta itself has been received well by some. For Metro Naga Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNNCI) president Albert Bercasio, those to be negatively impacted are students and their parents who are joining the said parades, and not owners of businesses.

This concern, sincere or otherwise, for the participants of the parades is valid. Given the assumption that they would need to return the following week for the pilgrimage to INA, an early visit to Naga would entail indeed additional expenses in transportation and lodging for those coming from neighboring towns and provinces.

Nonetheless, the above consideration seems to be missing the point behind the proposal, a point not motivated by economic or demagogic interests: the re-inculcation of a sense of solemnity in the celebration of INA's -and not Naga's-fiesta. We believe strongly that this point should over-ride the concern expressed above, given the reason why the Executive Council was created in the first place.


NAGA CITY --- With 14 confirmed cases of swine flu in the country, City Health Officer Dr. Vito "Butch" Borja assured the public that the city is well-prepared in the event of a swine flu outbreak.

In an interview, Dr. Borja said that a previous suspected case in the city two weeks ago resulted in the activation of a contingency plan formulated for disease outbreaks. The suspected patient, a four-year old girl who had come home with her parents from San Diego, has since been cleared by the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) in Alabang, Metro Manila.


Can live fish be transported without water?

Yes, it's not magic but through hibernation. This is what the multi-awarded Filipino Scientist Bonifacio "Boni" Comandante Jr. said of transporting live fishes for many hours without water such as grouper, tiger prawn, shrimps, snapper, seabass, tilapia, pompano, milkfish, shellfish and crabs by using what he calls the "Buhi Waterless Live Fish Transport Technology". He further said that given the favorable conditions of its environment (which is his trade secret), fishes hibernate or simply "sleeps" and then quickly awakes once brought back to water.


Early morning of Thursday, May 28 (Wednesday, May 27 in Rome), I watched the UEFA Champions League Roma Finale 2009 between defending champions Manchester United (Man. United) and the Spanish La Liga and copa del rey champions FC Barcelona ("Barca").


May 23, 1949 is not a date that is well settled in the Germans' awareness. Maybe that is because May 23 is the date in which Germany was stigmatized by being divided into two states. Yet who would the Germans be today without this date? Without the Basic Law ratified that very day? For it is, to my mind, the best one Germany ever had in its entire history!


Yesterday, I traveled with my students to Kamakura, in the Kanagawa Prefecture, our equivalent of the province. That was our second day in Tokyo, after the sedate urban life of Nagoya, and I was attempting to show them-in a very old fashioned way-how in a country different time zones and generations can find themselves linked to each other.

NAGPOON NA AN KRALASEHAN; ini an kasiribotan ngunyan sa mga ronâ kun sain an bakasyon ginigibo sa mga bulan na Abril sagkod Mayo. Dai ta man manenegaran na an pagpoon kan klase sarong panahon na satong labi-labing pinag-aandaman. Tibaad ini man an pasabong na tinatawan ta man nanggad nin magkakanigong pansin an edukasyon, an pagkánood. Bilang sarong paratukdo, an pagpoon kan klase sarong panibagong taon sa samong kinaban.

I WANT TO WRITE ABOUT a couple of things, about some thoughts that have been following me or have been nagging me to say something about them.


In my column this week, allow me to present some data from a study I made on the relation of poverty and population in Masbate.

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