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  • Early this month we stated that in order to begin saving Lake Buhi, the strict implementation of the Fisheries Code provision that only 10 percent of the total area of any lake be occupied by fish cages ought to be effected. This, we admitted, had very troubling direct consequences to the economy of Buhi where majority of the inhabitants are largely dependent on the fishing industry.     


    There is no widespread indignation at the arrest of former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

    Budget Secretary Florencio Abad observes that the "people power" of the magnitude that can unseat presidents is on the side of the current president. That seems to be holding and, barring major missteps on the part of the government, is not expected to wane throughout this Arroyo saga.

  • Jail the Arroyos fast or bow down down to a final Supreme Court decision that is widely expected to favor the Arroyos and reap the wrath of the Filipino people for falling short in preventing the former first couple's escape from impending prosecution.

    These are the options left for the Aquino administration in dealing with the Arroyos who the Filipinos like to hold into account for alleged high crimes during their term.

    Given the almost irrational insistence of the Arroyos to leave the country at this time, we would not be surprised if the government adopts option number one, no matter how awkward or cumbersome...

  • Let's just move on and let bygones by bygones. In another world and another time this is an admirable adage to live by - but not in the Philippines in 2011. "Let's move" on was the standard triumphant utterance of Arroyo allies after each successful effort at thwarting an impeachment attempt against former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

  • By this time, out of chaos things might have begun to sink in for Davao City Mayor Sarah Duterte who is a lawyer. The punches she threw at Sheriff Abe Andres was felt by an entire nation. While sheriffs are not the kind of figures the man in the street can identify with, it is not lost that Andres is just an ordinary guy doing his job.

  • Watching live coverage of the Senate investigation of the PCSO mess, the Filipinos get to know that a sitting president can easily do magic with people's money by converting line item allocation in an agency's budget into an intelligence fund and spend the money with impunity, beyond the reach of government auditors.

  • For the fifth year, millions across the globe last March 26 have turned off their lights for 60 minutes starting at 8:30 PM to join Earth Hour 2011. Known landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Sydney Opera House in Australia, the Christ the Redeemer statue at Rio de Janeiro, the Empire State Building in New York went dark to highlight the fight against climate change's adverse effects.

  • Barangays from the Partido district or the Fourth Congressional District of Camarines Sur had been reported to have submitted resolutions to their congressman, Rep. Arnulfo “Noli” Fuentebella, seeking the secession of the district's 10 municipalities in order to establish a new province, Eastern Camarines or Camarines Oriental. The reported reason for this effort is in order for these municipalities' development agenda be prioritized and pursued by the would-be new province.

  • President Noynoy Aquino’s ceremonial tree planting at San Antonio, Ocampo, Camarines Sur last February 23 was a welcome boost to both the National Greening Program (NGP) of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and to the Camarines Sur Provincial Government which had launched the “El Verde Movement.”