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Archbishop rejects reconciliation with Palace over RH law

MANILA, Jan. 17, 2012— For Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles, there is no way that the he will ‘reconcile” the morality with immorality.

Reacting to Malacañang’s call for reconciliation after the dispute over the controversial Reproductive Health Law, Arguelles said there is no way that the Church can accept the measure.

“If they want reconciliation, then they should debunk the law. It should be removed,” Arguelles said.

The archbishop stressed that they have nothing personal against President Benigno Aquino III for approving the RH law. It is just that, he said, they have to impose what the Church teaches.

“We are not mad at him (President Benigno Aquino III). But if to reconcile means we would approve what they are doing, it cannot be,” Arguelles said.

Presidential Communications Operations Office Secretary Herminio Coloma said that Aquino has been openly calling for reconciliation with the Catholic hierarchy.

He, however, admitted that no meeting has taken place yet between the Palace and the Church.

The prelate who has been very vocal against the RH law, which is now facing legal challenges before the Supreme Court, emphasized that reconciliation is not feasible for as long as the law is in effect.

Arguelles claimed that during debates in Congress, Malacañang and RH lobby groups used all methods possible including money, pressure and cheating to ensure the passage of the measure.

He also believed that the dirty tactics used by the pro-RH groups including smear campaign over social media networks before would be utilized again now that the law takes into effect Thursday.

“They resorted to tricks before and now they want us to accept (the RH Law), cannot be,” he added. “I know this is illegal, what they are doing is immoral.”

“We pity them because they fought what they think was right. We do not need reconciliation if it means we approve of what they are doing. This is against the teachings of the Lord,” he said.

Arguelles also said they do not hold a grudge against pro-RH groups who lobbied for the population control measure and the lawmakers who voted for it.

“We are not angry at them but it is as if we were knocked down, and now they want to make friends. After beating us up, now they want to befriend us,” he also said.

“For us, it does not matter that we were mauled but we still think that this would not be beneficial to the people, to the country. We do not regret that we were treated very badly, but we regret that if we would reconcile with the government, we would be part of their inequity,” he said. (CBCPNews)