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SEKTOR: KABABAIHAN 5th of Reporter’s Notebook’s eight-part anniversary special

Women place fifth in the list of the country’s poorest sectors according to the National Statistical Coordination Board or NSCB. This Tuesday, Jiggy Manicad and Maki Pulido report why.

Insufficient health services for pregnant women and shortage of safe and sensible jobs are only some of the issues being faced by women these days. In a study conducted by the Department of Health, CARAGA Region lists the most number of deaths by pregnancy followed by Region V.

Reporter’s Notebook travels to the province of Agusan del Norte and Masbate to distinguish the reason behind the dreadful condition of women there. In Aroroy, Masbate , the team meets a woman miner who disregards the backbreaking work just so she can provide for her family. What are the programs implemented by the government in order to support women?

Do not miss “Sektor: Kababaihan” this Tuesday, February 26, in Reporter’s Notebook after Saksi on GMA-7.