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Narrowing options for GMA and the government

Jail the Arroyos fast or bow down down to a final Supreme Court decision that is widely expected to favor the Arroyos and reap the wrath of the Filipino people for falling short in preventing the former first couple's escape from impending prosecution.

These are the options left for the Aquino administration in dealing with the Arroyos who the Filipinos like to hold to account for alleged high crimes during their term.

Given the almost irrational insistence of the Arroyos to leave the country at this time, we would not be surprised if the government adopts option number one, no matter how awkward or cumbersome it might turn out to be.

The people have waited for it to happen and  will certainly be widely rejoiced by Filipinos who have already convicted the Arroyos in the court of public opinion. Seeing the Arroyos behind bars is therapeutic for a nation that feel wronged and now reeling from cynicism.

At any rate, allowing the Arroyos to escape justice appears unthinkable for the Aquino government.

But given the usually slow judicial process, it is curious how the government can fast track the filing of charges of  non-bailable crimes and make the court issue arrest warrants that can render the suspects' travel request moot and academic even to the 8 GMA appointees in the Supreme Court.

But desperate times call for desperate measures. If the government pulls this off, then the Arroyo's have only their hardheadedness to blame if they are mug-shot and fingerprinted sooner rather than later.

On the other hand, the Arroyos have limited options too and maybe as desperate as the Aquino government.  If they plan to escape from justice, the right time is now. We have a Supreme Court that appears eager to issue them the 'licence to flee' as evidenced by the unusual haste it has come out with a TRO against the travel ban on the Arroyos.  Gloria and Mike also know that charges of plunder and electoral sabotage - both non-bailable crimes - are about to be filed against them before year's end and Justice Secretary Leila de Lima's promise that the government shall file only air-tight cases is not lost to the couple.

The Arroyos might have also other urgent business abroad. If allegations that the couple stashed away ill-gotten wealth in Europe are true, then they might like to put their finances in order ASAP because the Euro is falling and, some fear, may even crumble.

What is becoming increasingly clear is that GMA's health condition is just a prop in this drama.

Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda has expressed his apprehension that if the Arroyos successfully leave the country now, they will return but not within the term of the Aquino administration.

This fear is widely shared.

ABS-CBN text polls showed that 77% of responders approve of Secretary de Lima's decision to block Arroyos' travel despite an SC order to allow them to go. Moreover, more that 87% do not approve of impeaching President Aquino because of De Lima's action.

Just like most online polls, these are unscientific but the wide disparity in the results clearly show that the people and the government are of the same thinking on this one.

So should anyone who loves common sense and those who are in the habit of "unliking" lawyers - Gloria's life support at this point in her hitherto illustrious career.