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  • MANILA, Oct. 15, 2010-A known human rights advocate is the new archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Cebu in a papal appointment announced Friday.

    Palo Archbishop Jose Palma will replace Ricardo Cardinal Vidal whose resignation was finally accepted by Pope Benedict XVI.

    Vidal has submitted to the Holy Father his letter of resignation in 2006 when he turned 75 years old.

    Palma's appointment was made at the Vatican at noon (6 p.m. Manila time) on October 15, 2010.

  • MANILA, Oct. 2, 2010-Hundreds of people trooped to Quiapo Church for a "pro-life" prayer rally that included a Catholic archbishop who urged the government to rethink its position on contraception.

    The rally included students and parents. Many waved graphic signs with pictures of aborted fetuses.

    A group of rallyists, for instance, were holding a streamer bearing a sign of "Kontrasepsyon Bahagi ng Globalisasyon (contraception a part of globalization)."

  • MANILA, Sept. 14, 2010-Not just government officials but even some Catholic bishops are receiving payola from the illegal numbers game called jueteng.

    Retired Archbishop Oscar Cruz admitted he is saddened with what is happening but these church officials are getting jueteng money as donations from the illegal gambling operators.

    "There are about 12 dioceses that we are looking into but we are most certain of the eight (dioceses that are getting jueteng money)," he said.

  • MANILA, August 13, 2010- A Catholic bishop said he was disappointed with the 11,000-strong Moro Islamic Liberation Front's threat of a renewed hostility in Southern Philippines.

    The comments from Cotabato Auxiliary Bishop Jose Colin Bagaforo follow after the government on Friday belittled the MILF's threat for war if the peace talks do not resume soon.

    On Tuesday, MILF chair Ebrahim Murad said they are prepared for any eventualities in case the planned Malaysian-brokered peace negotiation with the new Aquino administration falter.

  • MANILA, June 23, 2010-Romulo Neri needs to tell the truth about the botched NBN-ZTE deal, and who are the involved government officials-before it's too late, a Catholic prelate said.

    Retired Archbishop Oscar Cruz believes the outgoing Social Security System president is an "honest and competent" person had he not tried to protect the Arroyo government.

    It's just "unfortunate," he said, that Neri, who was then director of the National Economic Development Authority, was identified with the outgoing administration.

  • MANILA, June 11, 2010- A Catholic bishop called on the incoming administration to be active in the campaign to eliminate "all unlawful gambling," especially jueteng.

    Bangued Bishop Leopoldo Jaucian said president-elect Benigno Aquino III should also turn his attention to the illegal numbers game and to jueteng lords who remain untouchable.

    "It will be a miracle (if Aquino could stop jueteng) but we are hoping he could do something about it," Jaucian said.

    The bishop said jueteng has been a problem that past administrations have failed to totally eradicate.

  • MANILA, June 11, 2010- Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales issued an Independence Day call for unity after Benigno Aquino III was proclaimed president.

    Rosales said the public should do away things that divide the nation and instead focus on things that could push the country forward.

    "This is my prayer as we celebrate our Independence Day and the entry of the country's next leaders," Rosales said over church-run Radyo Veritas.