Atty. Batas Joins Vox Bikol!


Kakampi Mo Ang Batas
THANK YOU, VOX BIKOL: Thank God, in the name of Jesus, for the opportunity that had been given to me to write a column for this prestigious newspaper starting today!

I wish to thank likewise the executive editor of this paper, Federico Jose Lagdameo, and the management and entire editorial staff, for their gracious accommodation of the articles we will be writing here.

The objective actually here is simple, although it is two-fold.

One, this column seeks to provide a way of looking at world and national events from the point of view of God, based on His Word as written in the Bible, and two, to provide a forum for free legal counseling.

I am someone who is not really well-versed with the Word of God (not yet, anyway), but I believe that the things that are happening now, in the Philippines and even around the globe, including the American meltdown, have already been written about, and predicted with unerring accuracy, in the Bible.

I am convinced that, as the Bible said, all the hardships, difficulties, unrest and failures many Filipinos are suffering and undergoing actually represent curses from God, brought about by our having turned our backs on Him.

I am convinced further that, indeed, the only way to solve the ills and problems besetting Filipinos and the rest of humanity during these clearly perilous and dangerous times is to find out what God has prescribed, thousands and thousand of years ago, during the time of Moses yet, as absolute solutions.

How will we know God's prescriptions for a blessed, bountiful, long and healthy life, for ourselves and the rest of our people?

By delving into the only Book ever written which contains His commands, laws and decrees, which is the Holy Bible, of course.

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