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Scientific vs. Xenophilic

Let me apologize first for mentioning Araneta University in my Aug. 16 article "Pinoy DLP v. American UbD" instead of ARELLANO among hundreds of schools nationwide that have embraced the revolutionary Dynamic Learning Program (DLP) for high school developed by our Filipino physicists and 2010 Ramon Magsaysay Awardees Dr. Christopher Bernido and Dr. Maria Victoria Carpio-Bernido. Arellano is also working with both scientists-educators to use DLP even in college and elementary.

Notably, DLP's application in Physics, the hardest subject in any level, through the LPON (Learning Physics as One Nation) Project designed by the Bernidos for FAPE and launched in SY 2008-2009, has led to performance leaps and bounds, literally, as shown by the test results of 4,363 students from 29 pilot schools.(See M.V. Carpio-Bernido, C.C. Bernido and C.C. Porio, Assessment of Student Performance in the Learning Physics as One Nation Project,, accessed on Nov. 6, 2010).

Of 1,054 "Very Poor" students at pre-test (Jul. 2008), only 699 remained at post-test (Mar. 2009). A 34% decrease. Of 1,388 "Poor" at pre-test, only 1,089 remained at post-test. A 22% decrease.Of 741 "Below Average" at pre-test, only 662 remained at post-test. An 11% decrease.

While there were 606 "Low Average" at pre-test, there are now 739 at post-test. A 22% increase. "Average" surged from 318 at pre-test to 500 at post-test. A 57% jump."High Average" leaped from 167 at pre-test to 376 at post-test. An increase of 125%."Above Average" jumped from 62 at pre-test to 167 at post-test. An increase of 169%."Superior" also leaped from 22 at pre-test to 84 at post-test. An increase of 282%.

And here's the giant leap:"Excellent" students multiplied from 5 at pre-test to 47 at post-test. A whopping surge of 840% in only 7 months!

With these results alone, the Bernidos are also confident that there is no need for K+12.

In stark contrast, DepEd'sK+12 plan and new high school curriculum transplanting American UbD (Understanding by Design) have no real numbers to show how such foreign-made or imported programs could ensure the right education of our children.

DepEd Sec. Luistro is even at a loss in selling K+12: from possibly lessening college years to promise of call-center jobs. Pure speculation like a pyramid scam!

Again, America itself, despite UbD and a 15-year cycle, is grappling with a national drop-out crisis where nearly 1 in 3 high-schoolers don't graduate each year.

Clinging to America despite evidence of failure surely escapes logic. It's scandalously xenophilic-loving the foreign regardless of grim realities.

With our shirts andshoeswe're free to buy imported even if of dubious quality. But the education of our children-our national treasure and country's future-is not something we can mess around with at taxpayers' expense. And education is not for sale to BPOs. Our Constitution commands, among other things, education of future scientists and creative thinkers.

In sum, we must be scientific; not xenophilic!