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PPCRV Sad Over Melo's Resignation

MANILA, Nov. 25, 2010—The resignation of Commission on Elections (Comelec) chairman Jose Melo has left a ripple of sadness to a church poll watchdog.

Henrietta de Villa, Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting chairperson, talked about the ‘sad’ news Thursday, though she understood and wished Melo the best in his future path.

“I’m sad because there was a very fruitful collaborative partnership between PPCRV and Comelec but we will not be distracted by these changes,” said De Villa.

“We don’t get derailed by these things although we are sad to see him go before his term ends which is until 2015,” she said.

Melo submitted his resignation letter to the poll body and the en banc accepted it on Tuesday.

The resignation is tentatively effective on January 31, 2011.

Commissioner Gregorio Larrazabal and Nicodemo Ferrer said that they were not really surprised by Melo’s decision, saying he’s been vocal of his intention of leaving.

Ferrer said the poll chief “wants to move on”; on the other hand, Larrazabal said Melo wants to take a rest after the conduct of the automated polls.

In February, Melo vowed to quit should the Comelec fail to conduct the country’s first automated presidential elections last May.

Despite glitches, the preparation and conduct of last May’s elections were generally considered a success by the poll body.

De Villa said Melo’s mission was to ensure that the automated polls will go without major hitches.

“So I think he felt that he’d done that,” she said. “It happened considerably well despite of what everybody says.”

Asked whether there was any pressure for Melo to resign, she answered, “I don’t believe so. Each person in leadership has a goal and for Chairman Melo it was his commitment and dedication to implement the automated election reform law.”

“I’d like to congratulate Chairman Melo for achieving his main purpose. I thought there was not enough time to do it (automated polls), yet they were able to achieve and come up with a credible election,” she added.

“We also have to consider that the cleaning up of the rank-and-file in the Comelec has already started (under Melo’s administration),” De Villa also said. (CBCPNews)