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The adage is true:  health is really wealth.  When you are healthy and in tiptop shape, money is of no consequence.  But if you get sick, really sick, then, your loads of money will have gone away in a breeze.
Even the wealthy would not want to get sick because they are aware that no wealth could match a truly healthy body.  Much more so for us ordinary struggling citizens who have to work like horses to earn a measly income:  we could not afford to get sick.  We simply do not have the extra money for expensive treatments!
Thus, the popular slogan, “Bawal magkasakit.”
But the real poser is:  how not to get sick?  With the fast pace that our lives have all revolved, with the stress that aggravate our daily living, with the pressures from work and family that continue to pound us, and with the unmet expectations that perpetually hound us?  How can we not be afflicted?
Our world is our own undoing.  Just like our environment:  if we only took care of it somehow, it would not have lashed out at us as it does now.  In like manner, had we been kinder to our own bodies, then, we would not have to carry the burden of illness and be in a prolonged state of despair.
Yet all is not lost.  We can still redeem ourselves from the quagmire of hopelessness.  We may still uproot our lives from the slavery of success.  We can still uplift our bodies from the misery of illness.
We can all do these things if we only stop for a while from our busy, hectic existence and rethink our priorities in life.  What will it be then?  Is it the health or the wealth?
Which is more vital to your life right now?  Is it possessing a healthy body and having peace of mind?  Or is it accumulating lots of money despite the pressures on the mind and body?
These are the questions only we possess the answers.  Finding the right balance is truly the key to a long, happy, and healthy existence.