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Notes on Family Names: If Muhammad Ali was Filipino, would his name be Celso Arcilla?

(Last Part)

Cheers! Time to go. Gotta go back to class and, as usual, start the session with a quick roll call: Say present if you're here. Delfin Alano? (Pause) Dawn Alba? (Pause) Almond Almendra? (Pause) Cutie Pie Baculao? (Pause) Andres Bonifacio Batalla? (Pause) Alyana Fenis? Fenis? Absent again? (Pause) Golden Boy Guinto? No more absences, okay, Guinto? (Pause) Sweety Macauyam? (Pause) Anna Pante? Pante, where is Fenis? (Pause) What do you mean you don't know? Di ba lagi kayong magkasama nun? (Pause) Ivan Terrible? (Pause) Anacleta Torres? What's the matter? Isn't that your name? Your nickname? Okay, okay, if you insist... Clit Torres, are you here? Happy now? (Pause) Ruben Tosoc? Tosoc? Que barbaridad ka naman, Tosoc! Say present if you're here!