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  • I nearly ran over Gloria Diaz many years ago when I was learning to drive. If it had not been for my driving instructor's nervous bark, I could have run over the former Miss U and I could have died! You see, Gloria Diaz was an icon of my childhood, a figure that dominated the many awakenings of my teenage years. I could not, in fact, recall a time when I did not know who she is, or, for that matter, who Margarita Moran is.

  • Time and again, even beyond the Spanish era, one intermittently sees the importance of a correct family name.  Tsinoy families, despite their economic gains, dealt with the derisive Intsik tag once and for all by filipinizing their family names or by appropriating Filipino last names, rechristening with the illustrious last name of the ninong sa bunyag or padrino sa kasal, the baptismal godfather or wedding sponsor. Limaco, a landed gentry of BiƱan, Laguna, is the filipinized version of Lim Aco.