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Ateneo de Naga Alumni Mass 2010

Colegio de Sta Isabel HS Batch 1974 joins Atenistas

The Ateneo de Naga High School Batch 1974 retains its ties with the Alma Mater with the unfaltering sponsorship of the Alumni Mass every last Sunday of April. For over 15 years now,  the batch has sponsored the said event. This Sunday, April 25, 9 AM at the over-sized Ateneo de Naga chapel, the tradition continues.

What is different this time around is that the Colegiala batchmates from the neighboring Colegio de Sta Isabel will join the Atenistas. This is the first joint activity of these batches in decades. Back then, there were only high school parties when the old 45s were valued possessions and the transition from simple jam sessions to the disco was taking place.

Ateneo de Naga and Colegio de Sta Isabel have since become big universities and, as ever, are revered institutions in the Bicol Region Philippines.

Ateneo and Colegio high school batches 1974 will hold a joint reunion somewhere around the Pe├▒afrancia Tricentennial in September 2011 when classmates from all over the world will flock to Naga City to re-trace their roots.

Planning is on the way and it helps that many members are Internet savvy and hooked to the social networking sites, making instant contacts with classmates from anywhere a breeze. AdeN-CSI HS'74 is a joint group at Facebook and there are a couple more web sites at the group's list of online resources.

While the Alumni Mass 2010 is a memorable occasion for HS Batch 74, so would it be for the Ateneo de Naga community to whom it is an opportunity for getting together.