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  • It has been more than 30 years when the average Bikolano took a train ride to Manila. Those who saw the heyday of the Bicol Express, now in their late 40s and beyond, have the chance to travel through memory lane. For a whole young generation who has not experienced a train ride, lucky for them - Bicol Express is back for them to cherish.

  • President Benigno C. Aquino III has appointed former Integrated Bar of the Philippines president, Jose Anselmo "Joel" Cadiz, the new Solicitor General. The Office of the Solicitor General is the law firm of the Philippine government. The Solicitor General has the same rank and qualifications as that of a Presiding Justice of the Court of Appeals and will represent the People of the Philippines and the government, including its instrumentalities, in litigations.

    Atty. Joel Cadiz was at the forefront of the opposition to the controversial Executive Order 464 issued by former Philippine president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to prevent cabinet members and police and military generals from attending congressional inquiries without her approval. EO 464 effectively softened the senate investigation of alleged military involvement in rigging of the 2004 national elections and the NBN-ZTE deal scandal. Cadiz was one of the petitioners against the said executive order in 2005 and the state of emergency proclaimed by Arroyo in 2006 because of alleged coup attempt lead by General Danilo Lim.

  • For weeks, anxious Nagueños waited for their multi-awarded former city mayor to get appointed as the secretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG). Finally, nine days after the inauguration of  Noynoy Aquino as new Philippine President, spokesman Edwin Lacierda announced today that, indeed, Jesse M. Robredo is the new DILG secretary. President Aquino signed Robredo's appointment yesterday.

  • The Philippines is in world focus at 12 noon today. A crowd of 150,000 is expected to gather at the Quirino Grandstand to witness a historic event that was unthinkable one year ago today----the inauguration of a President Benigno Aquino as the 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines.

  • When first launched a little over a year ago, Vox Bikol Online had an initial Alexa rank of 17,000,000. Alexa is a known web information company which ranks websites according to their reach,  "traffic" or number of visits and hits by visitors.

    Vox Bikol Online's rank and reach in the Internet have dramatically risen in recent months. Vox Bikol Online ( has recently breached the 100,000th rank, a requisite for Alexa to give the site more detailed performance monitoring. It's one-month Alexa rank is 58,431st.

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  • Gambling, whether done online or in brick and mortar casinos is always a touchy issue everywhere. This is proven once again when the  French government banned residents of France from playing money poker games at , the world's largest poker online site.  A new French-only site was created to still allow residents of France to play at PokerStars, but with many restrictions. The site is in a new domain, and aside from its exclusively French content is almost a clone of, the world's largest online poker site.