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Train Fares to Increase Too

Increase minimal, PNR assures

Naga City  (May 6, 2011) – Trains, the most cost-effective of all means of land transportation,  will not be spared from the ill effects of continued oil price increases as the Philippine National Railways (PNR)  imposes fare hike in the middle of May this year.

Engineer Contancio Toledano, the Division Chief for Operation of the PNR, confirms that the PNR Management shall impose minimal fare increase, yet to be finalized,  because the present 0.80 peso per kilometer rate is no longer sustainable.

The PNR management likes to recover additional expenses incurred in the recent series of oil price increases.

PNR  commuter trains regularly ply the Naga - Del Gallego route after it was rehabilitated during the administration of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

After more than a decade long hibernation,  the Bicol-Manila route shall be restored  this June, Toledano said.