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Kylie Padilla makes her own name in Elena Patron’s Blusang Itim on GMA-7

Robin Padilla's daughter makes name on her own
Robin Padilla's daughter makes name on her own

Aside from being known as Binoe’s daughter, Kylie Padilla is now widely known as the tween actress who plays lead in Elena Patron’s Blusang Itim on GMA-7. Many are amazed by her beauty and her surprising talent in acting.

Blusang Itim is one of the top-raters in the afternoon block and viewers have received well the classic story interweaved in a modern setting.

This Thursday and Friday, the story heats up as Jessa (Kylie) continues using the magical blusa to be the rising model Jessica.

Angelo (Frank Magalona) is not giving up on Jessica and goes on courting her even though the latter only hurts him in return. Will Jessica’s bitter heart soften up on the sweet young man?

This week also, Edward (Lucho Ayala) attempts to violate Jessica. He assumed that the upcoming model likes him when, the truth is, she only uses him to avenge herself to Angelo. Will Edward’s evil plot succeed?

Cleo (Winwyn Marquez) then poses a threat to Jessica after she seems to have figured something about Jessa when she appeared where Jessica has gone. Will Jessa’s arch enemy discover that she and Jessica are one person?

See all this and more in Elena Patron’s Blusang Itim, Monday to Friday after Eat Bulaga on GMA-7’s Dramarama sa Hapon.


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