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GMA introduces Philippine Television’s newest squad of kid superstars known as FUTBOLILITS

Capture the emotion and excitement that comes into the colorful world of football

Beginning Monday (July 4), GMA Network brings to Primetime TV another original family drama series about a one man’s quest to lead a group of kids from being a ragtag bunch to becoming a league of football champions called FUTBOLILITS.

This latest Telebabad offering not only captures the emotion and excitement that comes into the colorful world of football but also introduces the next generation of kid superstars who will spice up the viewing experience of the Filipinos, adults and kids alike.

Leading the cast is action star-turned-comedian-turned-celebrity dad Raymart Santiago who plays Frankie, an exceptional football player who will experience a huge blow to his career and life in general when he loses his wife and son to a natural calamity.

After the accident, Frankie lives for years as a depressive recluse, a vagrant who turns his once flourishing profession into a forgotten memory. He cuts off all contact with his peers, and all he wanted is to spend the darkest days of his life in solitary confinement.

Forsaking everything he once knew, Frankie’s wretched life turns upside down when he meets a team of budding footballers who gets beaten and mocked for their lack of proper training and experience. With the prodding of the kids, Frankie restarts his career in football, this time as the coach of the underdog team known as Futbolilits.

GMA is proud to present three incredibly talented child actors who are set to deliver a refreshing performance as the ragtag team of the TV series: Yogo Singh as Kikoy, a football enthusiast who aspires to follow the footsteps of his idol, Hero; Renz Valerio as Sherwin, an orphan who knows how to play football; and Isabel “Lenlen” Frial as Tetang, a bouncy and free-spirited girl who becomes close friends with Kikoy and Sherwin.

Adding star power to the cast are Jennylyn Mercado as Lani, the adoptive mother of Hero and Frankie’s love interest in the series; Paolo Contis as Enrico, Frankie’s greatest nemesis and the coach of Razkulits; Angelika dela Cruz as Belinda, Lani’s friend who likes Enrico; Nova Villa as Lola Ester, Tetang’s hardworking grandmother; Benjie Paras as Harrison, a former basketball player who becomes Frankie’s sidekick; Daniel Matsunaga as Dr. Raphael, a physical therapist who falls in love with Lani; Mosang as Beauty, Kikoy’s self-absorbed aunt; Julian Trono as Hero, Frankie’s long-lost son; Iking Magundayao as Diego, one of the players of Razkulits; JM Reyes as Adonis, Kikoy’s spoiled cousin; Ronald Desantos as Merc, Enrico’s conniving son; and Gabriel Roxas as Prince, Adonis’ brother.

Aside from seeing real football matches, Futbolilits also unravels the passion and dedication that comes with the love for the sport as well as the display of the true spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie that makes a team real champion of the game.