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Bulusan's New Eruption Triggers Evacuation

Bulusan Evacuation
Photo by Harold Cabunoc, PAO, 9ID, Philippine Army

JUBAN,SorsogonNov 22 2010The latest eruption of Mt. Bulusan in Sorsogon triggers evacuation of families in nearby villages at the foot of the grumbling volcano, a military official said.

LtCol Santiago Enginco, Commanding Officer of the 49th Infantry Battalion based in Juban town said that he immediately deployed 6 military vehicles to assist the evacuation at around 8:00am yesterday, November 21 .

“We have transported about 72 families numbering around 150 people from Puting Sapa village to the designated evacuation center in Cogon village in Juban town. This is part of the contingency measures that we have discussed with the local officials and the PDRRMO,” said Enginco.

Putting Sapa village was the hardest hit village in Juban town since wind direction during the explosion brought much of the ash fall to this locality.

Classes in Juban town are suspended due to the presence of evacuees who took shelter in the elementary school grounds and facilities.

The ash fall has affected at least five towns in the province including Juban, Casiguran, Bulan, Irosin and Magallanes but most of the ashfall was observed in Juban and Irosin town prompting the immediate evacuation of people within the  4km PDZ in the upland villages of these towns.

Sorsogon PDRRMO Chief Jose Lopez reported that Gallanosa High School in Irosin has accommodated 225 families or about 992 people since the start of the volcanic eruptions early this month.

Lopez said that the evacuees in this largest evacuation center in Sorsogon “occupy the school facilities only at 9:00 pm every night”.

On November 18, soldiers conducted a simulated disaster response operations involving 30 military trucks coming from the different provinces of the Bicol region.

The simultaneous deployment of disaster response operations (DRO) teams from other units of the 9th ID will be effected only if Alert Level 4 is hoisted by PHIVOLCS.

 Major General Ruperto Pabustan, has directed the 903rd Brigade and the 49th Infantry Battalion which it controls, to take charge in the evacuation missions within the 4km permanent danger zone (PDZ) during Alert level 1.