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Ten Constructive Criticisms

1. Uphold democracy. Ensure checks and balances. Vote for candidates from different political parties. Do not swallow ubos kung ubos.  It is a threat to democracy. It is a symptom of oligarchy because power actually resides only in the Chief Executive.
2. Empower the Naga City People's Council as a watchdog of government. Give it autonomy. It must be financially independent from the city government so it can decide and operate on its own. It must be free from the grip and influence of politicians.
3. Guarantee transparency. Allow citizens to discuss public issues in the public forum without fear of censure, ridicule, and harassment by paid media. The website is not a proof of transparency.  In a poor locality such as ours, how many, in practical terms, have access to the internet? There is transparency when the governed knows how they can participate in governance.
4. Free the people from patronage politics. Only registered voters of Naga City may avail of urban poor housing. This is a clear case of patronage politics. Stop using government programs to sow "utang na boot" that will be harvested during election. Private ownership is necessary in urban poor housing. Without ownership, the people are always at the mercy of the incumbent.
5. Protect health and environment. Effective sewage and drainage systems are a must. Lampposts are not.  In the past few years, many LGU's lined their streets with lampposts. For what reason? History, beauty or grease money? Tarps calling to protect the river do not protect the river.  Good sewage and drainage systems will.
6. Uplift the morale of the people. As you build minds and hearts of NagueƱos, construct a well-studied city hall complex. Improve the working conditions of city hall employees. Poor building layout, worn-out furniture and equipment and overcrowded offices obstruct productivity. Construct on land owned by the city. For a man of vision, the stability of government employees is paramount.
7. Build a better, safer and more competitive supermarket. Repetitive repainting and renovating after every fire, whether arson or accident, will not solve the problem. Assist local merchants. Giant businesses can take care of themselves.
8. Be vigilant about drugs. Fighting drugs is a never-ending saga. Drug users and drug-related crimes are increasing. Random raids are ineffective. Sustained vigilance is required.
9. Pursue truth, not awards. Awards fade like the morning dew. Michael Jackson was scared of losing his popularity. His recourse was gimmickry. He was lost without the awards and the million dollar sales.  He did not see his life's worth. This is the Michael Jackson syndrome. Pursuing awards can cause blindness and detachment from reality. Pursue truth to avoid this disease.
10. Promote the integrity of the media. Unethical media practice pollutes the airwaves and prevents people from becoming responsible citizens. Media must present news and not gossips. Reserve drama and appeal to emotions for "teleseryes." Public opinions must be based on facts and not on fertile imaginations. Disinfect news and current affairs from paid propagandas.