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Bikol News: Most Recent Content

  • LEGAZPI CITY, Philippines (Xinhua) - In the province of Albay, students will be welcoming the new school year learning about climate change.

    The concept of a warm planet may be a difficult thing to grasp for both young and adult learners. But local officials in the province assured that they have simplified the ideas with the help of teachers and scientists. They have then developed and included these ideas in the regular curricula of students in both elementary and high schools.

  • Naga City (June 8 2011) – Despite vigorous oppositions from the camp of Camarines Sur Governor LRay Villafuerte, the House Committee on Local Government approved yesterday the bill that proposes to create a new province out of 2 legislative districts of Camarines Sur.

    The bill shall now go to the plenary of lower house for debate and possible approval.

  • MANILA, Philippines (June 8 2011) - After getting neglected for more than 3 decades, Bicol Express fully resumes plying the Bicol-Manila railway route starting June 29 this year.

    Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda issued a press release today confirming what Philippine National Railway (PNR) manager Junio “Jun” Ragrario announced two weeks ago - that regular train trips from Manila to Naga City shall roll again starting on June 29, one month ahead of schedule.

  • Naga City (June 8, 2011) - The Congressional Committee on Local Government, chaired by Congresssman George Arnaiz has started hearing and will continue deliberating this week a proposed bill to partition Camarines Sur by creating a new province, Nueva Camarines, out of 17 towns in the Partido and Rinconada districts.

  • Camaligan Camarines Sur (June 8 2011) — A week-long celebration of two festivals has started in this small town of 13 villages located barely two- kilometers from Naga City - giving tribute to the cortadores, the pre-colonial settlers of the lands along the Bicol river.

    The cortadores built native dwellings called kamalig that were noted in large numbers by the earliest Spanish colonizers who are believed to have named the place Camaligan, the Bikol term for a place where kamaligs abound.

  • Naga City (June 8 2011) – City Administrator Florencio Mongoso Jr. said the city government of Naga shall take over the administration of Plaza Rizal on June 18 this year and the Camarines Sur provincial government has not manifested any opposition.

    The Supreme Court has issued a final order affirming that the city of Naga, not the province of Camarines Sur, has the sole right to administer the long-contested public park.

  • Pili, Camarines Sur (June 7 2011) – Show of opposing forces is expected today at the hearing of House Bill 4782, seeking the creation of a new Camarines province, by the Committee on Local Governance.

    Local officials of the province of Camarines Sur, including Provincial Board members and other opponents of the bill, have left for congress to attend the said hearing

    The bill was filed by 4th district congressman Noli Fuentebella late last month.

  • Naga City (June 6 2011) – Three victims of a boat fire incident in the town of Pasacao died yesterday at the Bicol Medical Center (BMC) because of multiple  internal organ failure and dehydration due to severe burns.

    This was confirmed by the management of the BMC in a press briefing this morning.

    Nathan Balbona, the boat captain, Fernan Ragot and Joebert Mangarin, both crewmen of the cargo vessel, died in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

    Their bodies have been brought to their hometown Mabini in Romblon province.

  • PASACAO CAMARINES SUR (June 4 2011) – The municipal mayor of Pasacao, Asuncion Villamente-Arcenio (AVA), is demanding the immediate relief of coast guard personnel town who are hard put to explain the circumstances of a cargo vessel explosion that took place in a private port in this town last Wednesday night.

    Mayor Arcenio complains that the coast guard personnel in her town cannot even give a complete report of the incident.

  • Pili Camarines Sur  (June 6 2011) – After the Commission on Election (COMELEC) nullified the proclamation of incumbent Mayor Sandy Ondis as the winning mayoral candidate in the May 10 2010 elections, the Provincial office of the COMELEC here shall schedule a special election in an island village in Siruma, Camarines Sur.