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House Committee Hears CAMSUR Partition Today

Proposed partition of Camarines Sur
Proposed partition of Camarines Sur

Pili, Camarines Sur (June 7 2011) – Show of opposing forces is expected today at the hearing of House Bill 4782, seeking the creation of a new Camarines province, by the Committee on Local Governance.

Local officials of the province of Camarines Sur, including Provincial Board members and other opponents of the bill, have left for congress to attend the said hearing

The bill was filed by 4th district congressman Noli Fuentebella late last month.

Governor L-Ray Villafuerte said he opposes the bill partitioning the province because the move will not bring progress to the whole province and only favours political interest. He said that at this time when the province is developing into a tourist destination and sustaining its economic momentum, distraction from a political caprice is unwanted.

Meanwhile, members of the Pambansang Samahang ng Maliliit na Mangingisda (PAMPANO), a national organization of fishermen headed by Charles Capricho of Calabanga town, will also manifest their opposition to the bill.

Capricho said that if the partition bill becomes a law it will not resolve economic problem of his provincial constituents but only brings additional burden to the national government in creating the new local government.

According to reports, the camp of proponent Congressman Noli Fuentebella shall also have its legion of supporters during the hearing. Organizations based in the Partido area are expected show up this afternoon at the committee hearing.