UNEP Joins TESDA Training

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Iriga City  -- Selected personnel from the University of Northeastern Philippines (UNEP) participated in the programming workshop conducted by AMA Computer Learning Center for Programming NCIV.  The training, in coordination with the University Registrar of the University of Saint Anthony here, started on April 5 and lasted until April 14.

The skills exercise aims to produce quality graduates who will soon become qualified trainers after stepping out of their colleges.  This is also to ensure their employability after graduation.

The training for Programming NCIV is open to all Technical Vocational Institutes from District V specifically to all qualified and interested trainees from Iriga City.  Sixteen (16) TVET Trainers coming from different schools in this city also participated in the said exercise.

Atty. Remelisa Alfelor-Moraleda, UNEP President, said that this training is one of the most appropriate employment preparations that the university is currently undertaking. "Technology is now invading almost all of our opportunity portals and I looked at this training as a way to really prepare our graduates before they face the real world."

Moraleda added that this training will also enhance the technical skills of their personnel and will eventually lead them to become qualified and better trainers.

This endeavor is also in line with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority's (TESDA) mission in encouraging the full participation of all sectors, particularly the technical-vocational institutions in developing the skills of our country's human resources.

In the past, our labor force had been swarmed with great demand for skilled individuals who can work in other countries. In response, TESDA focused on course offerings that gave shorter years for studies and more on the skills development of its students.

UNEP, on the other hand, has also provided a clear roadmap and training ground for their students in line with this challenge.   "We want our graduates to be globally competitive and at par with other skilled workers, here and abroad. That's why we really need to prepare them and the best way to do that is to expose them to various trainings and exercises that will enhance their skills," Moraleda added.

Truly, UNEP is the home where every Bikolano's dream begins - truly the home of Bikol achievers.

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I truly love TESDA for making

I truly love TESDA for making these types of courses very accessible. This must be one of the best projects of the government. I hope there'll be more computer-based courses they'd offer because computer skills is one of the most in demand skills today. - Steph of FAP Turbo