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In Masbate, two public school teachers killed, another survives attack

MANILA - Two teachers, where one is a member of the leftist group Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT), were killed in just the first 10 days of the administration of President Benigno Aquino III, bringing the number of extrajudicial killings under his watch to four.


Wangwang imbis na sirena, na malamang ay halaw sa mitikal na nakakapanghalinang tinig ng kalahating-isda, kalahating-tao na nilalang. Sa panahon ng Griyego, inaakalang nakakapagpatulog ito ng mga manlalakbay-dagat na kalalakihan para iligaw sila at hindi na makauwi sa kanilang kinalakihang bayan. Sa epikong Illiad ni Homer, naglalagay ang mga lalake ng wax ng kandila para takpan ang kanilang teinga at hindi makatulog.

What's new and what's old in Philippine politics

Something new happened in the Philippines' election system last May and this was the use of automation for the first time to generate quick election results. Despite the new technology, however, the elections hardly changed the country's political configuration. Political dynasties remain in power and not a few people's hopes of promoting reform politics were dashed with the defeat of reform-minded officials particularly in Pampanga and Isabela.

The beauty essay

While it was clear that Marcos was the strongman and calling the shots, Imelda was never out of the equation. She travelled extensively, domestically and overseas, every other public appearance, or so it seemed, was marked by a different couture terno - paid for by public money, of course- that did not belie the innate features and the growing vanity of the former Muse of Manila, a title given to the young Imelda Romualdez by the city mayor as a consolation prize after she, allegedly, protested her second place finish in the Miss Manila contest in tears.

The beauty essay

I nearly ran over Gloria Diaz many years ago when I was learning to drive. If it had not been for my driving instructor's nervous bark, I could have run over the former Miss U and I could have died! You see, Gloria Diaz was an icon of my childhood, a figure that dominated the many awakenings of my teenage years. I could not, in fact, recall a time when I did not know who she is, or, for that matter, who Margarita Moran is.

Notes on family names: If Muhammad Ali were Filipino, would his name be Celso Arcilla?

Time and again, even beyond the Spanish era, one intermittently sees the importance of a correct family name. Tsinoy families, despite their economic gains, dealt with the derisive Intsik tag once and for all by filipinizing their family names or by appropriating Filipino last names, rechristening with the illustrious last name of the ninong sa bunyag or padrino sa kasal, the baptismal godfather or wedding sponsor. Limaco, a landed gentry of Biñan, Laguna, is the filipinized version of Lim Aco. Such filipinization, to my mind a karmic remuneration of sorts, is seen today in the family names Limjoco, Quizon, Cojuangco, Syjuco. My own family has a number of Tsinoy "sub-branches", kinapotan sa bunyag, baptismal godchild of the Patriarch Carlos and tinubong sa kasal, wedding godchildren of the Propagandist Tomas Arejola during the Spanish era or his brother General Loduvico Arejola during the American Occupation, not related to us by consanguinity but by the affinity and the expressed kinship of our ancestors long ago. The Paccamarras of the Partido area has a similar Tsinoy sub-branch, not related to them by blood but cherished as kin nonetheless.

Notes on family names: If Muhammad Ali were Filipino, would his name be Celso Arcilla? (First of Two Parts)

What were the Spanish thinking? What mindset was in play in the 1849 Claveria List of Surnames, a listing from which a male indio head of the family supposedly chose a Spanish last name for himself and his kin?

Political comeback of Marcos family alarming – victims of martial law

On April 27, 1977, urban poor leader Trinidad Herrera-Ripuno was arrested in Katipunan, Quezon City by virtue of an arrest and search and seizure order (ASSO) of then President Ferdinand Marcos. She was made to suffer brutal torture, which was meant to break her determination and spirit.


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