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Calcium and black tea: On oral health

CALCIUM has long been acknowledged for its role in the prevention of Osteoporosis but also in its role in making our teeth more strong and healthy. A study released by the School of Dental Medicine of the State University of New York under the Journal of Periodontology (gum diseases) has demonstrated that calcium-rich foods may also help in preventing tooth loss that occurs in aging. The researchers were particularly interested in how calcium affected the incidence of Periodontitis, the gum disease that when left untreated may lead to damage of the gums and bone around the teeth and may eventually lead to tooth loss. The researchers looked at the relationship between periodontitis and dietary calcium intake of individuals and found out a ..

Faith in Ina and a fifth grader

VIVA LA VIRGEN! VIVA ! The resounding echo of more than 300 years of devotion to INA, Our Lady of Peñafrancia, is just one of the greatest symbols of a people’s love and fervent veneration to a beloved mother. The word “Ina” evokes vision of nurturing, caring, guidance. So it is with our Ina who provides a safe harbor in stormy seas, a haven for tired souls, a sanctuary for those who seek peace.

Is the call center industry a bright spot for new graduates?

In the face of record-high unemployment and uncertainty for new graduates who will soon enter the labor force, the Philippine government says that the call center industry poses great opportunities for Filipino workers—especially amid the global crisis when firms turn to outsourcing more to save costs. But is the industry indeed a sunshine sector for Filipinos seeking employment?

The Church is committed to engaging with the new media

The mass media and the new (Information and Communication Technologies) ICTs have a very important role in the communications mission of the Church. The preferred use of the term, social communications, serves to remind us that there is a communicative dimension to every aspect of Church life and that we must not think exclusively in terms of our relations with the mass media or the new emerging media. It remains true that the mass media -- traditional and new alike -- provides us with a privileged way of bringing our message to ever greater audiences and in a variety of different ways. The voice of the divine word must echo even through the radio, the information highway of the internet, the channels of “online” virtual circulation, CDs, DVDs, podcasts, etc. It must appear on all television and movie screens, in the press, and in cultural and social events.

Isang paglilinaw tungkol sa Visiting Forces Agreement

Malinaw sa mga nabanggit na probisyon ang espesyal na pagtratong ibinibigay sa mga tropang Amerikano sa kasalukuyan, salamat sa VFA. BAKIT kailangan pa ng magahasa ng isang sundalong Amerikano ang isang inosenteng dalaga bago muling mapansin ang pangangailangang ibasura ang Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) na pinirmahan nina Domingo Siazon, Jr. (na noo’y kalihim ng Department of Foreign Affairs) at Thomas Hubbard (na noo’y ambassador ng Estados Unidos o EU) noong Pebrero 10, 1998?


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