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Of late, PNoy has been looking at his supposed legacy before he steps down in 2016.

How time flies. When we catapulted PNoy to the presidency back in 2010, we had such very high hopes. But now, we could only hope he doesn't cause much further damage by his utter incompetence.

Almost a month after Yolanda, we have yet to see who's really in charge and what's up ahead.

Appointing a so-called rehabilitation czar, former senator Ping Lacson, would all be for show actually. Note that what exactly his functions would be have not been presented to us. Where would he fit in in our bloated bureaucracy and host of competing agencies?

Realistically speaking, long-term rehabilitation can only be from the ground up, that is, by the locals or peoples themselves. You have to go down to each barangay to ensure that no one is left behind. For that we need massive re-education and training, re-engineering of ground structures and physical plants, and re-orientation of community life itself with integrated safety and security systems including disaster prevention and preparedness.

And for national support and coordination of international relief efforts, ideally it should be the DILG at the forefront. For as its name suggests, DILG is supposed to take care of the interior or internal matters of the country and our local government units or LGUs. Unfortunately, PNoy can't seem to fire Mar Roxas who has simply been an utter failure in that regard.

All that Mar has done it seems has been to project himself for 2016. Recall that the looting that occurred in Tacloban is a peace and order matter under DILG watch. It could have been readily prevented if Mar worked for immediate deployment of police reinforcements since Tacloban police then had been practically wiped out by Yolanda.

Going back to PNoy's legacy, what stands out is that he seems to have yet to go out of his mother's wings as it were. He became president because of Cory's death then in 2009. Instead of focusing on service delivery, however, he set out to unleash his vindictiveness and blame game program against former president Macapagal-Arroyo and her allies.

PNoy made "crowning" history in booting out then Chief Justice Corona for his close links with GMA. But, truth exposed, senators who convicted Corona and Congressmen who impeached him have apparently been bought only by PNoy's pork barrel DAP funds courtesy of Butch Abad.

Like a torpedo ramming through his "Tuwid na Daan" ship, PNoy's babied customs chief Ruffy Biazon had just been charged as one of PDAF scammers with pork barrel queen Janet Lim-Napoles. Good thing PNoy finally let go of Biazon.

Guess, there's still hope in PNoy making a last and lasting hurrah. That is, if he could also scuttle Mar and Butch. It seems he's been in bad company for so long already with these LP politicos.

Hope still! In this season of hope.