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Castaway Gino de la Peña gets voted off in Suvivor

Another blindside occurred in this season’s Survivor Philippines as the island’s resident strategist Gino dela Peña was voted off in the show’s tribal council last Tuesday night.

Gino, who was originally paired with co-GMA Artist Center talent Stef Prescott, was one of the original members of the Bulan tribe and was also part of the so-called “power five” – a strong alliance among fellow Bulan members KC Montero, Arnold Aninion, John Odulio, and Mara Yokohama.

However, existing alliances changed after John was voted off. With all the uncertainties resulting from John’s ouster, Gino reached out to the other castaways to form new alliances. But seemingly, this was a wrong move for this season’s strategist as Gino got voted off in the last tribal council. Gino now joins Chuckie Dreyfus, Arthur Solinap, and John as the fourth member of the Jury House.

Only six castaways – Apolaki tribe members Arnold Aninion, Betong Sumaya, KC Montero, Maey Bautista, Mara Yokohama, and Stef Prescott – remain. Who will make it to this season’s top five?

And amidst this week’s challenges, one of the castaways breaks down while a fight ensues between two other castaways! Catch all these drama this week on Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles Showdown, weeknights after Legacy, on GMA-7. (GMA 7 Press Release)