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ASEAN insight: A glimpse in the eyes of a youth leader

PILI, Camarines Sur, Dec.06 (PIA) ---  “It’s unbelievable! The experience seemed so surreal but I was there, flesh and body, and have represented the Philippines as one of the delegates to the #NOWASEAN 2017Conference, promoting among others, the significant role of the youth in understanding climate change and disaster resilience in ASEAN countries.”

Sorsogon’s Prieto Diaz town boasts of off-beaten path ecological wonder

SORSOGON CITY, Nov. 11 (PNA) – Down northeast of this provincial capital, 20 kilometers away is an off-the-beaten-path coastal town that deserves to be celebrated as a modest rural locality that was able to successfully establish, maintain and protect an exceptional ecological asset.

SkinWhite celebrates being better with #betterme

The SkinWhite Here’s To Being Better campaign, represented by the hashtag #BetterMe, launched last October 1 on print ads, in stores and on web. But as early as Saturday, #BetterMe has been going around the internet and has inspired people to share the memes, use them as profile photos and wallpapers and share their own #BetterMe stories.

A geopolitical solution to Sabah

The root of the problem on the Sabah issue is the lack of political will in high places, the lack of courage to pursue, the fear of making a mistake which helped make more and bigger mistakes. Noynoy has been using a type of diplomacy which is not working – authoritarian yet fearful and panicky, covert rather than overt, using secret couriers, exuding a peace stance which would ironically bring war. Right now, Noynoy is getting an avalanche of flak worldwide.

Decree restoring the practice of celebrating funeral masses at the Basilica of Our Lady of Peñafrancia, Naga City

In a Decree dated 7 October 2011, among other things, the privilege of celebrating funeral masses and of keeping the records of the same which was granted to the Basilica Minore in 1988 was revoked. (cf. No. 8 of the 7 October 2011 Decree). This was done in order that the Basilica Minore may be true to its mission as prescribed by Pope John Paull II’s Decree of Elevation of the Shrine to a Basilica Minore declaring the same Basilica Minore as a sacred place exclusively for the promotion of the Cult and Piety towards the Blessed Virgin Mary.


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