UNEP Nursing Students to Render Service to ABS-CBN'S "Salamat Dok" Program

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

In pursuit of its ideals to provide their Nursing students with a productive and competitive training ground for health care, the University of Northeastern Philippines (UNEP) had recently tied up with South East Asia 's leading television network ABS-CBN, for their student's affiliation.

In an interview, College of Nursing OIC Wilma S. Ramos, RN,MAN, revealed that the university's Nursing students are all set to have their affiliation in various hospitals in Metro Manila, including San Lazaro Hospital, Lung Center of the Phillippines, National Center for Mental Health, and National Orthopedic Hospital.

"UNEP thru its College of Nursing and School of Midwifery will be sending its Level 3 Nursing Students in Metro Manila from March 29 to May 7 as part of their exposure training.  They will also render their services in ABS-CBN's Salamat Dok Program on April 10 and 11. We really appreciate the crew and staff of Salamat Dok for allowing our students to be a part of their public service," Ramos added.

The first set of affiliates includes Alfelor, Jennilyn; Arimado, Ma. Belen; Arnesto, Edenyl; Bayos, Jayson; Epres, Neil Carl and Estrebello, Mayumi Marjorie. They will be with their clinical instructors: Amelia F. Nacario, RN, MAN, Ma. Epifania V. Pelin, RN, MAN and Wilma R.Santos, RN, MAN. The said group will be working with the team of doctors, namely: Dr. Valerie Belmonte, Pediatrician; Dr. Jose Q. Relacion, Jr., Obstetrician and Dr. Rowel Azores, Surgeon.

On April 11, another set of UNEP Nursing affiliates will assist the same team of doctors. The second set of nursing trainees includes Mae Fyee LLagas, Jerome Martinez, Joma Padayao, Rivera Roberth, Ma. Sonia Sabaldica, Caren Angela Samson and Jaime Togado Jr.

Atty. Remelisa Alfelor-Moraleda, UNEP President, has nothing but good wishes and good luck for their Nursing students. "We know that here in UNEP, we have highly competitive students who are socially responsible for whatever endeavour they undertake. I believe that this exposure will develop their skills to become more spirited and active in pursuing their goals."

In 1969, UNEP, then Mabini Memorial Colleges under the headship of the late Governor Felix O. Alfelor Sr, offered a baccalaureate program in Bachelor of Science in Nursing for its high school graduates.  In the succeeding year, a post graduate program in Nursing was subsequently opened.   This move had unlocked the doorway to aspiring nursing students.

Since then, UNEP's College of Nursing became known for being among the top universities in the region remarkably having the record of a 100% passing rate in the Nursing Board examinations for seven consecutive years. (Lizel Macatangay)

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