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Think Before You Click: GMA News and Public Affairs launches campaign for responsible use of social media

Think about it – according to June 2011 figures from Facebook statistics portal, more than 25 million Filipinos use Facebook, the world’s largest social networking site. That is reportedly the 7th highest number of users in the world, just behind significantly more populous countries like the U.S., India and Indonesia. 

On Twitter, Pinoy users also number by the millions, with local topics and personalities usually making Twitter's list of worldwide trending topics. No wonder a recent article in 24/7 Wall St., an online publication of financial news and opinion, dubbed the Philippines "The Social Networking Capital of the World."

Every hour of every single day, millions upon millions of Filipinos flock to social networking sites to read and to speak their minds. It's the power of these staggering numbers that inspired the GMA News and Public Affairs campaign called THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK.

THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK is Serbisyong Totoo from GMA Network - a campaign to promote the responsible use of social media. With this advocacy, GMA News and Public affairs becomes the first broadcast news organization in the Philippines to take a stand against cyber harassment and bullying.

"I-post lamang ang kaya mong panindigan sa totoong buhay. Think before you click," says GMA News pillar and online editor-in-chief Howie Severino. One of the Philippines' most awarded journalists, Severino is among several celebrities and media personalities who took part in the campaign. They include Iza Calzado, Maxene Magalona, Efren Peñaflorida, Carlos Celdran, German Moreno, Moymoy Palaboy of Bubble Gang, Ramon Bautista of GMA News TV's May Tamang Balita and Gang Badoy of Rock Ed.

THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK aims to encourage Filipinos to be more mindful of what they post, to think before they hit the enter key. Social media has indeed become such a powerful tool. And Filipinos, who have already shown the world the phenomenon that is People Power, can once again unite for a healthier, friendlier, more caring and constructive online world. 

To help spread the word, visit GMA News Online. Think before you click.

More information and the campaign video here: (GMA 7 Press Release)