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Pacquiao Gets New Sparring Partner in Mayfield

Welterweight Karim Mayfield
Welterweight Karim Mayfield

MANILA, April 1 2011 (PNA) -- The world's most visible boxing icon may not be the best-looking guy atop the ring but welterweight king Manny Pacquiao has gotten a new and scarier sparring partner in Karim Mayfield.

Mayfield will keep Pacquiao company when the current world welter champ starts training at the Roach-owned Wild Card in Hollywood.

According to boxing analyst Dennis Principe, Pacman's trainer Freddie Roach said Mayfield is close to being a perfect clone of Shane Mosley.

"Mayfield moves and fights like Mosley, something that will come in handy as Pacquiao reaches his peak of training session.

"What's more impressive is he has a fight record of 13 wins, one draw and eight knockout wins."

Pacquiao has trained in Baguio for three weeks where he developed stronger legs and stamina and better moves.

The lawmaker from Sarangani province will have his final training the whole of Saturday at the Elorde Gym in Quezon City and pack up for the United States in the evening.

He will trade mitts by defending his title against Mosley on May 7 at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas, Nevada.