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GMA-7 launches “Love You” and “Dong Yi” on November 28

As Christmas fast approaches, love abounds and becomes more evident everywhere. Thus, on Monday (November 28), GMA-7 launches two inspiring Asian dramas that will make viewers fall in love - “Love You” and “Dong Yi”.

“Love You”, which airs in the afternoon block, is a Taiwanese romantic comedy series from the Fated To Love You trilogy. Avid fans of Fated To Love You, which aired over GMA-7, will surely get hooked to this story about accidental couple, JV (Joseph Chang) and Karen (Rainie Yang).

JV and Karen do not know each other but they have almost the same experience in love. Just when they both expect to be engaged, they get rejected by their partner.

To drown their sorrows, they decide to get drunk in the same bar all night and, the next morning, they realize that they are not only engaged but are even married to each other!

How will they handle their accidental marriage? Will they play the part or try to get out of this mess? Could this be the only way to mend their broken heart?

On primetime, GMA-7 Telebabad introduces a grand epic drama from Korea . After the stories of Jang Geum, Hwang Jini and Queen Seon Deok comes the life of another great woman named “Dong Yi”.

Playing Dong Yi is Korean actress Han Hyo Joo, who played the lead role in Shining Inheritance. She pairs up with Ji Jin Hee, the actor who portrayed Captain Min in Jewel In The Palace.

Although born with a low rank in society, Dong Yi is able to get into the palace of King Sook-Jong (Ji Jin Hee) as a slave in the bureau of music. Because of her unique personality, she catches the attention of the king who later falls for her and makes her his concubine.

In “Dong Yi”, viewers will see that a person’s rank in society does not dictate his or her fate. Follow how Dong Yi surpasses her low state and becomes a great woman in Korea .

Be inspired and be amazed by what love can do in these two new Asian dramas beginning Monday, November 28. “Love You” airs weekdays after Kung Aagawin Mo Ang Langit on GMA-7 Afternoon Prime and “Dong Yi” can be seen Mondays thru Thursdays after Inside Protégé on GMA-7 Telebabad. (GMA 7 Press Release)