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Heartbreaking tragedies and heartwarming tales of generosity and heroism.  Crippling crises and empowering developments.  Shameful scandals and inspiring comebacks.

All these characterized the news of 2011, a year that started with so much optimism and potential, yet would end with the country in a state of calamity. 

In State of the Nation 2011: The GMA News TV Yearend Report, the number one news channel looks back at its first year on the air and the stories that defined this eventful year. State of the Nation 2011 is presented by GMA News TV's flagship anchor Jessica Soho, with a powerful line-up of co-hosts headlined by Winnie Monsod and Malou Mangahas, along with Chino Trinidad for sports and Iza Calzado for showbiz news.

Soho and her team look back at a year where typhoons and flash floods affected the lives of thousands, where four Filipino drug mules were executed in China -- with many more on death row, where a former President was barred from leaving the country right at the airport and where a Supreme Court Chief Justice was impeached for the first time in history. 

It was also a year where senate and congressional investigations “in aid of legislation” hogged the headlines more than actual legislation.  In the midst of debates on the Reproductive Health Bill, the Freedom of Information Bill, and other landmark bills, lawmakers spent their time grilling former military officials and Arroyo cabinet members -- and even bishops -- involved in various controversies. 

2011 also had its share of glorious moments -- a royal wedding, the beatification of a much-loved Pope and two more victories for boxing champion Manny Pacquiao. It was also a landmark year for football, with the world's number one sport finally gaining a spot in the hearts of the Philippine masses.

With depth and unique insight, Jessica Soho and the GMA News TV hosts present the comprehensive yearend special State of the Nation 2011: GMA NEWS TV’s Yearend Report.  This airs Sunday, January 1, 8:45 p.m. only on GMA NEWS TV Channel 11. (GMA 7 Press Release)