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The Colgante Bridge Tragedy of 1972 and the theft of Peñafrancia image

Bicolanos like the rest of the Filipinos are supposed to be happy people. We shun gloom, when it relates to the Penafrancia celebration. A diet of ginota’an na gulay, chili, and doses of wicked weather make our fiestas more fun. For each favor we ask the Virgin, we have a positive answer to hope for.

My dearest Ina, I love you!

“When will this pilgrimage end?”, Rev. Msgr. Zosimo Sañado asked on the people of God on the third day of the Novenary masses held in honor of Ina, Our Lady of Peñafrancia. They say we are born of our mothers. God gave us the breath of life but we wouldn’t be brought into existence if it were not for our mothers. Because of them, we partake in the beauty of life. Today, we celebrate the solemnity of Our Lady of Peñafrancia. Our devotion to her binds us all together, despite of religion, ethnicity and culture.

Mayor Bongat assures clergy of religious flavor to Peñafrancia Fiesta

NAGA CITY (August 27, 2011) - The members of the local Catholic hierarchy have reasons to smile after Naga City Mayor John Bongat acceded to their request to prohibit street parties, beer plazas and other activities deemed to hurt tradition and distract devotion to Bicolandia's patron saint whose feast shall be celebrated this coming September.
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