Prices of Agri-Products in Bikol Remain Stable

Monday, June 7th, 2010

LEGAZPI CITY, June 2  - Prices of agricultural products especially vegetables in Bikol region have remained stable despite the El Niño, according to the Bureau of Agriculture and Statistics (BAS).

"Farmers in the region were able to cope with the effect of El Niño and the supplies of vegetables have been sustained since January this year," Cathy Subido, BAS chief said.

She also assured that there will be no changes in prices of agricultural products especially during the opening of classes. "There is sufficient supply of agriculture products in Bikol region and it is enough to sustain the demand until September this year," she said.

Subido said that even the prices of pork and chicken remained the same. "Swine and poultry growers were able to counter the effect of El Niño."

However, she urged farmers to prepare for the La Niña starting next month.

The Bureau of Agriculture and Statistics has urged farmers to start partial harvesting in order to avoid possible damage brought by La Niña, which is characterized by excessive rainfall. (PNA)