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Thailand's medical tourism in Investigative Documentaries

Perfect nose, augmented breast, lighter skin, dazzling eyes, and even sex reassignment. These are just some of the medical services that foreigners frequent in Thailand.

This Thursday in the second part of its Thailand special, Investigative Documentaries explores why Thailand is becoming known for its various medical services including sex reassignment.

According to Thailand ' s Tourism Authority, there were almost 20 million tourists who visited Thailand in 2011. And some 700,000 of these are medical tourists, who were in the country for either medical or aesthetic treatment.

One of these medical tourists is Shaina, a Pinoy who underwent sex change in Thailand last December. Join Investigative Documentaries and witness the whole process -- from consultation, the actual surgery, until Shaina ' s recovery.

Don ' t miss Investigative Documentaries with Malou Mangahas this Thursday, 8pm, on GMA News TV Channel 11.