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Pepito Manaloto bids farewell this Sunday!

The first-ever reality sitcom and one of GMA 7’s consistent top raters, Pepito Manaloto, ends its wonderful journey this Sunday.

After dominating the Sunday Primetime for 2 years, the program will air its last episode on March 25, 2012. Pepito Manaloto has indeed surpassed its objective in providing good values and touching the hearts of every viewer with its unique story telling and well-crafted episodes.

This Sunday, Pepito Manaloto faces a bigger challenge in his family life. Due to the numerous businesses that he owns, Pepito won’t have enough time to spend with his family. It will be the root of the misunderstandings between Pepito and Elsa (Manilyn Reynes) which will put their marriage into a test.

The couple will decide to live separately in order to give space and ponder on the family problem that they’re facing.

Will their undying love for each other solve the crisis in their family? What will happen to their children Chito (Jake Vargas) and Clarissa (Angel Satsumi)? What will happen to the life of a famous billionaire Pepito Manaloto?

Under the helmed of director Bert de Leon, this multi-awarded reality-sitcom tells the almost true-to-life story of a man who dreams to provide a good future for his family.

Don’t miss the finale episode of Pepito Manaloto on March 25, 2012 after 24 Oras Weekend on GMA 7.