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Doc Nielsen encounters fruit-eating monitor lizards in Born to be Wild

There are only three fruit-eating monitor lizards in the world and all of them can be found nowhere else on earth but the Philippines. In Catanduanes, Doc Nielsen is surprised to see a rare fruit-eating lizard called “butaan” inside an enclosure in the backyard of a resident. Doc Nielsen examines if the lizard is still fit to be released back into the wild.

Doc Ferds Recio, meanwhile, peeks into the small world of insects, where transformation is part of daily life. These creatures may be small but they have a big role in the environment. Witness how a pupa transforms into a butterfly, and observe the amazing spider wasps as they dig a hole in which to lay eggs.

Don’t miss this exciting episode of Born to be Wild this Sunday, September 14, after AHA! on GMA-7.