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Daniel Matsunaga and Heart Evangelista do water act on GMA-7’s AHA!

Discover the wonders behind one of life’s most indispensable elements—water! This Sunday morning, join the wacky gang of GMA-7’s AHA! and learn how water works. Watch as resident AHA guy Drew Arellano uncovers how an element such as water is able to cut through even the most hardened of elements such as metal.

Tired from a long-day’s work? Find out how the soothing sound of running water can bring about the much needed relaxation.  

And, join real-life celebrity sweethearts Daniel Matsunaga and Heart Evangelista as they take a trip to one of Manila’s hottest acts today—Fuerza Bruta! Discover how the group behind the world class water act comes up with their amazing routines and watch as Daniel and Heart take on the Fuerza Bruta challenge in the name of science.

All these and more in this Sunday’s episode of AHA! 9:15 a.m. only on GMA-7. (GMA Network)