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“Bearing the Burden” in SANIB PUWERSA this Sunday


For the last three years, 45-year-old Fe has helplessly watched her stomach grow big to alarming proportions.  The same goes for 36-year-old Baby who has endured such a condition for a year.  Experts say they are afflicted with myoma, a kind of tumor.

 Their affliction can easily be remedied but because of poverty, both women have no choice but to ignore their suffering and their continuously swelling stomachs. Medical aid is inaccessible, not only because of their remote areas of residence, but also because they simply cannot afford it.

 Fe and Baby mirror the dilemma of most Filipinos to which healthcare remains elusive. Clearly, the government’s annual health allocation of P49 for each Filipino is not enough.  Because of the lack of funds, some illnesses are not diagnosed early and end up worsening.

 Together, two of the pillars of GMA News and Public Affairs endeavor to help alleviate the problem.  As Mel Tiangco acts on the needs of the two women, Arnold Clavio seeks answers from the government.

 Prepare for an evening of taking action and giving hope on SANIB PUWERSA, this Sunday at 9:15 pm, after Protégé Gala Night on GMA-7. (GMA 7 Press Release)