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‘Inside Mining: Coal’ on GMA-7’s Born To Be Wild

Electricity can very well be one of the single most important needs on this day and age.  It’s really no surprise when people react to, or even protest against, power rate increases.  But where does electricity really come from?

This Wednesday night, join eco-warrior Kiko Rustia and resident veterinarian Doc Nielsen Donato on GMA-7’s premier wildlife and environmental show, Born To Be Wild as they explore one of humankind’s most used raw materials for energy—coal. Today, coal is mined at least a thousand feet below the ground. But ironically, it takes millions of years for coal and other fossil fuels to be produced through organic matter. 

As Kiko and Doc Niel visit coal mining operations to witness how these fossilized minerals reach homes to make daily living more convenient, one can not help but ask: does convenience come with an ecological price?

Catch “Inside Mining: Coal” on Born to be Wild, this Wednesday after Saksi on GMA-7. (GMA Network)