Kuva Space, based in Finland, is raising funds for a hyperspectral constellation

Kuva Space, based in Finland, raised $4.85 million to support its quest to launch a commercial hyperspectral cubesat constellation. Kuva wants to launch a constellation of 6-unit cubesats to collect imagery in the 400 to 1,100-nanometer range with the new funding. The company’s second-generation will monitor imagery with a range of 400 to 2,500 nanometers.

“Within this range, we can resolve 50 bands,” Kuva Chief Executive Officer Jarkko Antila informed SpaceNews via email. “However, the actual band placements and their amount can be determined by software inflight.” The European Space Agency InCubed program, Nordic FoodTech Venture Capital, Voima Ventures, and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd are among the investors in Kuva’s seed fundraising round, which was disclosed on October 5.

Kuva’s ambition is to be a worldwide hub for “green data,” or information that will aid groups fighting to preserve biodiversity and ecosystems. Furthermore, according to Antila, the company is willing to help sustainable farming by providing direct information to farmers on the fields and growing conditions.

“With Kuva Space’s real-time data, forests and bio-assets may be transformed into tradable and measurable carbon sinks,” stated Inka Mero, managing partner of Voima Ventures. “We are excited to collaborate with this highly driven team to use hyperspectral imaging and AI to improve life on Earth.”

Kuva Space, formerly known as Reaktor Space Lab, was created in 2016 and deployed three satellites. In 2018, the company launched two cubesats to evaluate its hyperspectral camera and satellite platform. The firm in addition also supplied a cubesat containing a W-band radio transmitter for the ESA (European Space Agency) mission deployed in June. In August, the business provided a cubesat for an ESA project to detect X-ray bursts from coronal mass ejections. Kuva employs eight workers. According to Antila, the company expects to add three to five more people by the year’s close.

Kuva Space enhances life on Earth by using hyperspectral photography and artificial intelligence from space daily. They’re creating the most effective global daily data on soil and vegetation service in the world. Their Earth observation products give actionable data and insights for improving agriculture, optimizing growth and land use, guiding investments and financial decisions, measuring regional carbon sequestration rates, and even preventing large-scale forest fires or detecting gas leaks. Their ultimate purpose is to assist in the sustainable management of natural resources and economic growth.

Their nanosatellites are outfitted with cutting-edge hyperspectral camera technology, allowing them to achieve previously unheard-of performance/size ratios. They will be able to provide an adjustable and cheap SaaS platform by combining advanced AI-based analytics.

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