Alba Rohrwacher, The Voice Of Elena Ferrante On Screen

Ties is the Spanish title of the novel by Domenico Starnone but Daniele Luchetti has preferred the term Ties for his film adaptation. In any case, both meanings perfectly define the leading couple in Alba Rohrwacher’s latest film .

In it, the actress of The Loneliness of the Prime Numbers plays Vanda, a woman who falls into despair at the infidelity and abandonment of her husband Aldo (Luigi Lo Cascio). The years go by and the couple is unable to untie the ties that bind them. Not even in the skin of Laura Morante, who gives life to the mature version of Vanda, or Silvio Orlando, who does the same with Aldo’s.

What aspects of this project did you find interesting?
He wanted to work with Daniele again and he knew and loved Starnone’s book. I was very happy when Daniele asked me to bring the character of Vanda to life

How did you build the character of Vanda, that wife who suffers so much?

With Daniele we worked a lot on the character. We didn’t want him to be a victim. We seek your dignity. Her strength. Vanda is a person who suffers a lot but always keeps her head up. He is wrong a lot but he always does it directly and frontally. For me she is a warrior woman who, overwhelmed by pain, fights to the end to get her man back. And in this fight, unfortunately, he behaves blindly and does not realize the pain that he causes in turn.

Do you think, like Aldo, that “love without betrayal is impossible”?

I don’t agree with Aldo. I must say that this film has very little empathetic characters, in that it is very brave. And Aldo’s reasons are the hardest for me to share.

How is Daniele Luchetti as a director?

Daniele is an attentive and lively director. You like to experiment, you are always looking for new ways to do it. When we have finished shooting a scene and it has turned out well, we try to shoot it in a different way. Changing the intentions of the characters, for example. This creates precious vibrancy in the scenes and we often discover unexpected performances.

Luigi Lo Cascio and Alba Rohrwacher in ‘Lazos’Luigi Lo Cascio and Alba Rohrwacher in ‘Lazos’GIANNI FIORITO
This film is an adaptation of a novel by Domenico Starnone and then we’ll see you in the adaptation of The Dark Daughter, by Elena Ferrante. You are also the narrator for the first two seasons of The Great Friend. Have you become the voice of Italian literature on film?

It would be an honor! But I must say that I also worked with Nanni Moretti on her film based on the Eskol Nevo novel. Perhaps I am linked to literature in general in Italian cinema!

What was the biggest challenge in being the voice of a character adored by so many readers in the first two seasons of The Great Friend?

It was a great responsibility. With Saverio Costanzo [creator of the series] we worked for a long time to understand the tones and the tempo of this voice that narrates. It was a very important job, done with great care and concentration.

It really is a splendid moment for Italian literature. How would you describe the current state of Italian cinema?

The cinema is also having a very good time. Now the problem is not the voices, the authors, the stories. The problem is the rooms, already put to the test by the platforms and now even more so by the pandemic. We have to go back to the movies. Save this precious collective rite. Being in the darkness of a cinema and getting excited with a unique vision.

‘Ties”Ties’Gianni Fiorito
What has been the experience of working with Maggie Gyllenhaal on your first film as a director?

Maggie is a special person and a great director and I am grateful to have participated in her debut. I have seen the movie in Venice and I was speechless. It is a film full of grace and courage, sensual, surprising.

We will also see you at Tre Piani. What is the best thing about Nanni Moretti as a director?

Nanni is a teacher. It has taught me a lot. By working with him I have fulfilled a dream.

Your sister is director Alice Rohrwacher. How did your love for cinema come about?

The cinema represented for us the place of dreams. The unattainable, the fantastic. I dreamed of becoming an acrobat and escaping with a circus. Alice landed at the movies by a very different path. But it’s the best we can share, our trips to the movies.

You have worked in Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland and England. Would you like to work in Spain?

Would be a dream. I have just seen in Venice the latest film by Pedro Almodóvar, Parallel Mothers. It’s marvelous!

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