Melendi Is Confronted With A Vigilante By A Fan

Melendi is confronted with a vigilante in the middle of a concert by a fan: “Don’t fuck people, asshole!”. The musician got off the stage to recriminate the action of one of the guards of the enclosure.

Last night’s Melendi concert in Alicante had an atypical interruption. At one point during the performance, the artist came down from the stage and faced one of the security personnel who worked at the venue. “You don’t fuck people, asshole! You don’t touch people,” the musician shouted at one of the guards while the accused shrugged. Some of the staff held the singer-songwriter and threw him back, while telling his partner to leave the area to avoid further complications.

This was the central part of the incident , captured on video and shared on social networks. The scene ends with a huge applause from those attending the concert, who celebrate Melendi’s intervention. “Go there, idiot,” the musician is heard saying at the last moment.

The mess happened last night at one of the Muelle 12 concerts that started at 10 pm. According to the version of the security personnel collected by the National Police, the vigilante involved in the controversy had been asking a woman from the public on several occasions to comply with the measures established to stop the spread of the covid, to which it would have refused.

At the last moment, the security personnel made the decision to ask the Asturian’s follower to leave the venue . It was at that moment when both would have rebuked each other, according to the National Police, which intervened in the incident, proceeding to identify those involved. Melendi, according to his intervention, would have seen how the watchman grabbed the woman to throw her out of the concert.

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