Disappointment Of The ‘Freedom Phone’: The Smartphone Of The Far Right

The brand image is vital for the positioning of a company. However, there is nothing better than the viralization of a product. Today, it is no secret that advertising directly attacks the feelings of the buyer and, precisely, the story of the ‘ Freedom Phone’ is a great example of this.

Erik Finman, a 22-year-old entrepreneur who calls himself the world’s youngest Bitcoin mogul, released a promotional video on Twitter about the phone that would “free Americans from their masters of big tech companies . ”

It was a video loaded with sentimentality, which appealed to patriotism aided by countless US flags and moving music. It also referred to former presidents such as Abraham Lincoln and Donald Trump. An audiovisual pearl that could not receive less than the 1.8 million visits it obtained.

In this way, it managed to attract the attention of great conservative analysts, who quickly summoned the far-right mass to acquire this $ 500 phone . The appeal worked, and Finman got thousands of orders.

The patriotic motive fiasco: he wasn’t even American
Up to this point, Erik Finman can be considered a marketing genius. However, the reality is that he was far from being a great entrepreneur. His lack of foresight and the mismanagement of practically all the aspects that a business requires led to the “Telephone of Freedom” to become a fiasco .

First of all, Finman’s build model was basically a scam. He simply created his own software and plugged it into a cheap smartphone bought in China . Obviously, customer complaints upon learning of this situation were not long in coming.

Similarly, the young entrepreneur had not foreseen that the products sold must be delivered to customers, so he had to take care of packing and shipping the phones to buyers himself.

Of course, a business that receives such a large number of complaints needs customer service . So Finman was left with no choice but to hire some people.

On the other hand, a business that sells thousands of units of its product in such short periods of time needs someone to take care of the accounts and collect taxes. As expected, this task also fell into the young man’s hands.

Finman’s courage to enter a market with such tough competitors, valued at billions of dollars, is to be admired. However, a business model that is simply based on your target audience’s aversion to Silicon Valley companies is not fit to compete in the sector.

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