VIKO Group Launches Kraz, Data Science And Advanced Analytics Consultancy

VIKO, the first independent holding 100% Spanish capital focused on Digital Marketing, launches Kraz, its own Analytical Consultant specialized in Data Science and Advanced Analytics. In this way, it adds a new brand to its business matrix, providing its clients with a more complete service with powerful capacity in complex data projects that positions them in an innovative and strategic way.

With clients of the stature of Hero, Oxfam Intermon, Cepsa or Teka, among others, the Spanish group now has 7 companies in the digital marketing and eCommerce environment. At cruising speed, during the first half of 2021 it has reached a turnover of more than ?? 10 million and a margin increase of 23% compared to the previous year, now it has decided to bet on the data economy. Thus, the last part of the year begins by launching the new Data Analytics consultancy and with a forecast of continuous growth for the third consecutive year.

Despite the fact that VIKO already has a division specialized in data, belonging to Elogia – the agency specialized in Digital Commerce ?? is well aware of the importance of the data economy. Therefore, to complete its portfolio of companies and cover this area beyond the field of web analytics, CRO and Business Intelligence creates Kraz.

With this new consulting firm, the Spanish digital marketing group takes the leap out of its native environment and is committed to reaching all sectors of activity with applications of Big Data, Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) which are almost infinite and applicable to all sectors.

Data as a business asset
According to the McKinsey Institute for Economic Research on Markets, it is estimated that globally, increases in AI productivity in all sectors could produce an increase in the world economy between 0.8% and 1.4% of global GDP year.

More than 2.5 trillion bytes of data are created on the Internet every day, and this number is growing exponentially. The companies that are able to locate this data to use it in their favor will be those that can guarantee their adaptability and survival to an environment that is technologically evolving at the speed of light.

It is clear that the relevance of data in the digital world is more than palpable, however, we often forget that other sectors also benefit greatly from it. In this regard, Rubén Ferreiro, President of the VIKO Group points out; “Oil is no longer the most valuable resource in the world: it is data and it will continue to be valued more and more. Day by day we continue to discover new and fascinating uses in all kinds of sectors, that is why at VIKO we offer a comprehensive service that includes complex projects of data, combining a high level of technical expertise with a deep understanding of the needs of brands. ”

Growth Potential
The future of digital business in the Spanish market is more than optimal and it is expected that it will not stop growing. In fact, if other more mature markets are taken as a reference, it can be seen that in Anglo-Saxon the business volume of this channel already represents 20% of the total. In the case of China, it has even exceeded 50% of the market share, that is, it is already bought more online than offline.

In this sense, now the Spanish group is committed to continuing to invest in its portfolio of companies at the forefront of the sector. And is that currently, the digital economy has a very significant weight in our country. Last year, the volume of eCommerce business in Spain reached ?? 51,600 million and already represents around 5% of GDP.

Consolidated trajectory
The CEO of the VIKO Group, Rubén Ferreiro, recognized investor in successful startups such as Glovo, the Spanish fintech Flanks, Payflow, Hubuc, Trioteca, Atani or Cobee. Rubén has catapulted several startups to large investment funds such as Ycombinator, and Kraz is his new investment bet in the world of Data Science and Advanced Analytics.

At the head of Kraz are two entrepreneurial partners: Joan Miró, CEO, and Joaquim Coll, head of data and operations. Both have extensive experience in the world of data, as well as in entrepreneurship.

On the one hand, Miró was the first president of Insights + Analytics in Spain, an association that represents the entire market research and data science sector. The former director of e-commerce solutions at Netquest – a data provider for market and social researchers around the world – was already a familiar face within VIKO. In 1999, he was one of the founders of the pioneer company in the treatment of email databases in Spain, Consupermiso, and later Director of the Elogia research area. Now he returns to the holding company to boost his business beyond the digital marketing environment at the hands of this new company.

According to the executive; “Kraz was born to reveal the hidden value behind the data available in organizations, thus helping companies to be more competitive from the intelligent exploitation of their primary data sources”.

For his part, Joaquim Coll, who will direct the Operations Area as CDO, has extensive experience as Lead Data Scientist, being the first eDreams Data Science specialist in our country, and founder of Big Thing Analytics, a pioneering consultancy in the scope of Customer Analytics.

According to this expert, “The high number of data generated in the Information Age, combined with advances in computing and data mining technologies, makes the application of Artificial Intelligence in the company today make more sense than ever. ; from Kraz we bring these models to companies to generate actions that improve their processes “.

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