Ponentia Logistics Will Invest 350 Million In A Logistics Platform In Huesca

The company is promoting this project, the execution of which will be undertaken in several phases, and it is expected that around 2,000 direct jobs will be generated in the next eight years.

The Huesca town of Tamarite de La Litera will host this new La Melusa-Tamarite intermodal logistics platform, which will involve an investment of 350 million euros, which will be used to build this intermodal logistics area.

The platform, which will be developed in the Tamarite-Altorrincón area and in the vicinity of the existing Renfe station, comprises an industrial and logistics zone, which are associated with an intermodal railway.

This facility will give priority to the agri-food industry, and it is expected that, above all, it will work with products of agricultural origin and fresh meat, as this area of ​​Huesca is a large producer. However, the objective is not only to operate for the La Litera region, but the development plan also includes the neighboring regions and even the province of Lleida. Not surprisingly, the Ebro valley regions occupy 8% of the national territory and contribute 24% of GDP, most of the agri-food sector. Currently, the agri-food sector represents 11% of GDP and 50% of production is dedicated to export.

This new platform, will have an area of ​​1,231,453 square meters, will also have an impact on employment. The first figures point to the generation of around 2,000 direct jobs in eight years and once its entire extension is occupied.

The investment to launch this platform will be undertaken in several phases. The company plans to invest around 120 million euros in the first year, of which about 70 million will be allocated to the implementation of the terminal and urbanization. The remaining 50 million will go to the construction of five warehouses of 20,000 square meters of surface.

In accordance with the plans communicated by the company to the Aragonese executive, the rest of the investment – the remaining 230 million euros – will be allocated to the construction of warehouses until the logistics platform is completed. The project also contemplates that it be a self-sufficient installation for which there will be renewable energies, especially photovoltaic.

The company’s objective is to carry out the entire project within a maximum period of eight years after PIGA approval. For the month of May or June 2023, it is contemplated that the railway terminal will be up and running, while at the end of that same year there will also be the total urbanization of the area and the construction of five warehouses. The third phase corresponds to the construction of the rest of the warehouses according to market demand. Initially, the company foresees that the entire logistics area will be 50% occupied in the first four years to reach 100% in the next four following years.

Part of the first phase of the project and the company’s plans had already been announced by the company last May in the course of a meeting with Aragonese authorities and representatives of the Tamarite de La Litera City Council, now transcending more details of the entire initiative after being declared today Investment of Autonomous Interest and General Interest of Aragon in the Governing Council.

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