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Mel Tiangco and Arnold Clavio’s Sanib Puwersa kicks off this Sunday on GMA7

A severed leg. Broken bones. And wounds that seemingly refuse to heal. Such were the bitter outcomes of the recent collision of two trucks in Batangas City. After one of the trucks capsized in the middle of the road, half of its driver’s body was pinned down in the demolished vehicle. Meanwhile, some of the driver’s aides had shot out of their seats, sustaining injuries after being trapped inside the overturned truck.

Despite this terrible tragedy, its victims still feel fortunate for having survived the accident. But after such a life-changing mishap, they cannot help but wonder what sort of life awaits them.

Sanib Puwersa’s initial episode takes viewers on an action-packed and investigative journey, pulling out all the stops with stories brimming with newfound hope.

As Mel Tiangco connects with the tragedy victims to ascertain their situation and needs, Arnold Clavio digs deep into the accident to find out its real cause. He visits the scene of the collision, drawing conclusions on how motorists can better ensure their safety.

Starting October 23, viewers can count on Mel Tiangco and Arnold Clavio to take action while giving hope in SANIB PUWERSA, airing Sundays, 9:15 pm, right after Protégé on GMA 7. (GMA 7 Press Release)