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Dong Yi’s coming of age on GMA Telebabad this week

The most awaited coming of age of the main character in “Dong Yi”, GMA-7’s epic Korean drama on primetime, happens at last. This week, viewers finally see Korean actress Han Hyo Joo, who portrays the grownup Dong Yi.

As a child, Dong Yi successfully enters the king’s palace as a servant for the bureau of music and stays there until she grows up. While doing her chores one day, she plays an instrument and the music immediately catches the attention of the king. Will he see who has been playing the instrument?

Meanwhile, the commotion continues as the king wants his concubine, Lady Jang (Lee So Yeon), to live in the palace despite the opposition of many officials. Soon, Dong Yi meets her and remembers that they have met many years ago. She also discovers that the king’s concubine has something to do with the butterfly ornament, the key to clearing her family’s name. How will Lady Jang change Dong Yi’s life?

Get to know the grownup Dong Yi and find out how her life influences Korea through this grand epic drama. “Dong Yi” airs afterSurvivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles, Mondays thru Thursdays on GMA-7 Telebabad. (GMA 7 Press Release)