8 hurt in Masbate blast

LEGAZPI CITY--At least six policemen and two civilians were injured by an explosion from an improvised landmine that hit the passenger jeep they were riding on Thursday in Balud, Masbate, a Philippine Army (PA) report said Friday.

Hurt in the blast were Police Officer (PO)2 Rogelio Bolante, PO1s Ian Mark Antiporda, Menard Danao, Darius Capili, Juvy Llunar Ronel Paac and civilians Editha Race and Gilbert Leonor, driver.

Army Capt. Razaleigh Bansawan, 901st Army Brigade spokesman, said the incident mass on New Year’s Day, the prelate said that “with the attempt” on the life of de Jesus last Feb. 3 “it seems that this early I am being proven right.”

The three-page letter was issued by the head of the diocese of Masbate three days before de Jesus expired in a hospital in Manila. Since last year, bishop said he has not only learned about the buildup of political parties and alliances in Masbate.

“I also heard rumors of goons, ruffians, hardened criminals and gun-for-hire being readied for what they call ‘cleansing’ (pagalinis) that must happen if political dreams have to be realized and personal ambitions satisfied,” he said.

Saying the grinding poverty and the wanton disregard of environment in Masbate are enough, Baylon said political killings in the province are too much to hear.

“Why can we not treat each other as human beings[?]… [Why do we] act in ways that are worse than those of beasts?”

He continued “In our midst there is a proliferation of guns, and hence many forms of criminal activities, not the least of them murders, are very rampant. The province’s history has been so tainted by political killings and vendettas that now days when people hear of Masbate, what readily comes to their mind is a province where there is political violence and culture of death, a place where people.”

“Please don’t add any more bad things to these, especially those acts of violence that you have knowledge of, or worse, those that you may be responsible for,” he said.

Calling for “a stop to all these atrocities,” the bishop addressed to whom it may concerns: “Please stop using people to kill people.”

For the better politicians, he has this to say: “I know that some of you have been doing your share to address these concerns and have responded positively in solving some of our society’s problems. I ask them to do more.” (PIA Masbate)