LIVING IN THE PAST: Mishandling the Spratlys territorial row

Government must abandon the 20th century politics of colonialism and neo-colonialism and begin to act more responsibly with a mature and independent foreign policy.

By the Policy Study, Publication, and Advocacy (PSPA) Center for People Empowerment in Governance (CenPEG) June 24, 2011

The Philippine government should use a different tack in pursuing its claim on the Spratly Islands and other small territories in the South China Sea (SCS). The government posturing is beginning to sound like a broken record again by tying its response on external affairs to U.S. support even if the Philippines, a former American colony, remains far remote from Washington DC's international radar.

What Labor Day Means to Me

When I was still in elementary, people always talked about brain drain; like it’s cancer, spreading slowly across the country, destined to kill us one day.

I remember the papers saying that the first professionals we’ve lost to other countries were our teachers, the finest and best of them. A couple of patriots back then would always preach to us about serving our country when we join the labor force one day.

But five to seven years later, what happened? We’ve even lost more people to other countries.

Keep the Dangerous Memory of Jesus Alive

Brother Philip Pinto, who heads the Congregation of Christian Brothers, says religious life in its traditional sense is “dying” across the world, but wants people to accept the process as part of God’s plan.

A new lease of life to Religious life would come from lay initiatives, asserts the Indian Brother, who is now in his second six-year term as the superior general.

The Truth Commission: Will Justice Be Served?

President Aquino III's move to form a Truth Commission that will investigate Gloria M. Arroyo's alleged wrongdoings committed in nine years of her presidency raises public expectations way above government's ability to meet. Right now, there are courses of action that can be taken by independent groups serious with the prosecution of the discredited former president without even waiting for Aquino to fulfill his campaign promises in putting closure to Arroyo's accountability for the alleged public crimes.

East Asian women and Mary, a Woman for Our Times

Women's status in society has improved considerably in the last decade. Many women are well-educated, hold good jobs and enjoy a high standard of independence. Increasingly, many women choose not to marry. Married women with children are overburdened with caring for the home, family and struggle to cope with their careers.

Wistful Thinking

AFP Chief Gen. Delfin Bangit's admission that the AFP will not be able to meet de facto President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's 2010 deadline to defeat the New People's Army (NPA) comes as no surprise. The military claims of success in its counterinsurgency campaigns have been belied by independent media reports of the NPA's tactical offensives resulting in firearms seized and AFP troops captured, killed or wounded.

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